Zombie Korps
Zombie Korps
The zombie infestation has plagued this area and possibly the world. In order to protect the remaining human survivors, Zombie Korps was created. 15 days at a time, Zombie Korps will settle into an area, check for as many survivors as possible, and then move on. You play the role of a commander of Zombie Korps. Additionally, you can recruit other members by spending command points. Line up your recruits to cover as wide an area as possible and impose your will on those undead cretins.
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Mouse: Aim/Shoot - #1-7: Select Weapon - Q/E: Prev/Next Weapon - R: Reload
M: Change Fire Mode* - X: Grenade* - Z: Toggle Sight Mode*
A/D: Select Unit Type - W/S: Choose where Unit appears - SPC: Create Units

*Certain weapons only
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