Zombie Assault 1
Zombie Assault 1
The very first Zombie Assault flash game. Unlike many other firsts in a series of great games, this game is really pretty awesome. It has all the great parts of the other Zombie Assault games and it is now a classic in the world of the living dead. The object is to survive as long as possible inside a small house. Fix the barricades any chance you get since you can shoot through them but the zombies will have to stop and tear them down first. As you play, look to upgrade your weapons and collect power ups like double damage to give you a short burst of extra power.
Played 1796 times
Arrows/WASD: Move - Mouse: Aim/Shoot - Q/E: Select Gun (if you have it)
R: Reload - F: Fix Barricade - Space: Buy Upgrades
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